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Michael P. Allen,

"With a portfolio of projects constructed in excess of $769 million throughout the U.S., our firm has the expertise to provide real construction litigation support, backed by real construction experience."

"We have deposition and trial experience on numerous projects." As an active general contractor engaged in the actual building process, we have the capacity to get to the heart of the issues, and save our clients time and money with accurate and effective assessments and opinions.

We have worked with some of the largest construction law firms on the West Coast, and have a client list which ranges from single family homes, to multi-family, subdivisions, condo/townhomes, commercial/industrial, retail, and office projects. Deposition and trial experience on numerous projects. With a depth of experience in all aspects of construction, management, scheduling, means/methods/techniques, etc., we can provide the professional services necessary to support your construction litigation requirements.

We can provide the construction litigation support services when your project has an issue.


  • Construction Cost of Repair Estimates
  • Construction Expert Witness
  • Construction Standard of Care
  • Accounting & Schedule Analysis
  • Single Family/Multi-Family
  • Cost to Complete/Surety Support
  • Commercial/Industrial Projects
  • Construction Manager

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